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Sarah Pardee Winchester, age unknown. Thanks to the History Museums of San Jose

Sarah Pardee Winchester, age unknown. Thanks to the History Museums of San Jose

Upon her wedding to William, Sarah’s figures reached an increased degree of conclusion. Just like Francis Bacon, Sarah ukrainian brides understood that “numerical synchronicity” embodies the deepest underlying dynamic of destiny. Hence, the amount 51 (Sarah Pardee) mating with all the quantity 52 ( Winchester) combined into the most “unifying” of figures, 103, in other words. 13.

William Wirt Winchester, age unknown. Thanks to the History Museums of San Jose

The delivery for the Winchester’s child, Anne Pardee Winchester (in 1866) led to a set that is new of for Sarah to manage. Mrs. Winchester carefully selected two numbers that are primary represent her daughter’s name, i.e. 11, and 77. Because they demonstrated a numerical kinship between Annie and Sarah, and Annie and William as we shall see, Sarah’s preference for the names Annie Pardee (56), and Annie Winchester (77) were important. For instance, the name’s Sarah Pardee and Annie Pardee both contain 5 letters accompanied by 6 letters for a complete of 11 letters. More over, the true title Annie Pardee corresponds because of the number 56 when you look at the Pythagorean Cipher. In different ways, all the names William (34) Winchester (52) and Annie (25) Winchester (52) whenever simplified, equate towards the quantity 77. But, the title Annie Winchester (simplified or otherwise not) nevertheless corresponds utilizing the quantity 77 (Pythagorean Cipher). Additionally, the names Sarah Pardee Winchester, William Wirt Winchester and Annie Pardee Winchester each contain 21 letters. And also as we now have formerly seen, 21 is made from three 7’s, or 777.

The reason why we all know that Sarah adopted Bacon’s methodology that is numerological regarding the tangible proof she put aside as testimony to her ideas and motives. The fact that her earthly remains, along with those of William and Annie are interred in plot number 52 of New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery for example, it is certain that Sarah regarded 52 as the code number representing the name Winchester as evidenced by the 52 skylights in her House—and. And simply to guarantee we might realize that the bond involving the quantity 52 together with name Winchester aren’t accidental Sarah intentionally placed coded inscriptions on the three tombstones associated with Winchester family members plot. They read: “BABY ANNE,” “SLW,” and “WWW.” These three inscriptions mount up into the Pythagorean Cipher to 52. Also, as well as the quantity 111, Sarah adopted the number that is kabbalistic as being a rule quantity representing the title William Wirt Winchester—we know this because, within the ten years after William’s death, she maintained correctly 777 stocks of stock within the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. They are not coincidences—and we know very well what these along with other numbers supposed to Sarah.

As already noted, Sarah ended up being weaving her tapestry of figures well before she began the construction of her household. Francis Bacon to her connection is undeniable. Once we shall further see, Sarah had every good explanation to recognize with Bacon, philosophically, artistically and spiritually.

We further note that practically all of Bacon’s work had been encoded as being a multi-layered puzzle for later generations of “enlightened” individuals to find. Their work within their Rosicrucian circle, throughout the writing regarding the Fama Fraternitatus (the initial of Bacon’s three manifestos that is rosicrucian, reflects his utilization of the rule name “F. B. Architect.” And, certainly, Bacon saw himself (at the very least metaphorically) as a designer. The architect theme shows up in practically every thing he produced. It really is their foundation for just what would later become Speculative Freemasonry, and, it is ubiquitous throughout his Shakespearean work as we have seen.

The architecture as art legacy was initially handed down by the Roman designer and philosopher Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. It had been Vitruvius whom first expounded the virtue regarding the mathematical value of Phi (the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio, etc.). He held that architecture had been the noblest & most perfect of all creative art kinds. The sacred understanding of architecture was bequeathed and then the “initiate” that has shown to be “worthy.” Later, when you look at the century that is thirteenth the Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci translated Phi into genuine figures. This logical system of figures is referred to as Fibonacci sequence. The arcane knowledge of Phi, and its particular relationship to architecture ended up being adopted and guarded because of the Knights Templar, simply to get underground after their downfall in 1307, remerging given that “ Invisible College” for the Rosicrucian motion.

Inside their book “The Templar Revelation,” authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince point out of the fact that is rather obscure “the Rosicrucian motion caused the the Renaissance.” It was the Golden chronilogical age of Genius—and, of all of the geniuses the Renaissance spawned, no body had been more influential or since effective as Francis Bacon. Once we have experienced, he had been the mastermind whom single-handedly sired the English Renaissance additionally the Age of Enlightenment that could follow. Furthermore, it had been Bacon whom offered the Rosicrucian motion its title and articulated its function. And he developed a unique branch associated with the Rosicrucian purchase called “Speculative Freemasonry. once we have experienced”

Bacon’s new, revolutionary innovations when you look at the arts and sciences had been constructed on the solid first step toward the “ancient knowledge.” Much like the Templars, such knowledge would be to be preserved and propagated through the tradition regarding the “initiate.”

Bacon’s philosophy further maintained the basic principles associated with the ancient secret schools, in other words. architecture as art, greater dimensional unification, and, most significant, the theme of “concealment.” Bacon’s idea of concealment originated together with view of Proverbs 25 (when you look at the Old Testament): “It could be the Glory of Jesus to conceal something: nevertheless the honour of kings is always to search a matter out.” This is actually the principle that is underlying evolved into both the “modern scientific technique” as well as the Masonic Hiramic legend. Furthermore, Bacon used the theme of concealment to every thing he touched—including their very own life (the exact exact exact same ended up being similarly real of Sarah Winchester).

Sarah’s Puzzle

Francis Bacon and Sarah Winchester both comprehended that the way that is only reveal all that nature conceals is through the transcendental technology of figures.

Consequently, after her loss in Annie and William, Sarah started initially to compose perhaps maybe not with terms (as Bacon had), but truer into the tradition that is vitruvian decided to go with talk with us into the pure language of figures and architecture more than a backdrop of concealment.

Like Rosslyn Chapel, the Winchester home serve’s as an increased dimensional puzzle. In order to learn its meaning that is underlying must stick to the course for the initiate. To that particular final end Sarah carefully crafted Masonic and Rosicrucian features in to the structure of her labyrinthine home. Her idea of initiation closely parallels the Masonic and Rosicrucian approach to subjecting the initiate to a few progressive actions or levels for which he could be forced to produce his abilities of intuition and insight.

During the outset of each Masonic level the initiate (prospect) expresses their desire to get Light. Understanding that, let’s start the initiate’s journey along the course that Sarah presented.

The front of the House, like Solomon’s Temple, faces true east for a start. This can be symbolically crucial given that eastern represents the way to obtain Light (Knowledge and Wisdom). Furthermore, like a Masonic lodge the homely house is emblematic of Solomon’s Temple. Mrs. Winchester regarded everyone else whom stepped onto her home as a prospective initiate. Therefore naturally the initiate’s journey begins at the front end wrought iron gates. Each gate is decorated aided by the Sun sign (with 16 radiants). This sign had been employed by Bacon in several of their engravings. The only distinction with Sarah’s Sun symbols is the fact that, rather than the typical face into the center, Sarah has placed the image of a eight petaled daisy ( more info on the eight petals later on).

Sarah’s design that is special the insignia of this Senior Deacon of the Masonic Blue Lodge

The importance associated with 16 radiants is multi-layered. However the main value right here is the fact that set of 16’s (standing side-by-side) is really a guide into the twelve months 1616. This is, probably the many crucial 12 months in Bacon’s life. It marked both the loss of their man that is front will, as well as the delivery of their new, secret society of Speculative Freemasonry—and it was the season by which Bacon published and published their 3rd and last Rosicrucian Manifesto The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Next, the true quantity 16 simplifies to 7—thus, making us with a pair of 7’s. Even as we shall see in Sarah’s Ballroom, sevens are shown in a far more profound means.

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