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Definition of cupid

According to Roman folklore, cupid was actually the boy of Mercury, the carrier the lord, as well as Venus, the siren of passion. In Roman opportunities, the agile „carrier of passion” was actually occasionally illustrated in shield, however nobody ensures if that was actually meant as an ironical discuss the resemblances in between war and also love, or even a tip that passion controls all. cupid was actually commonly considered an excellent feeling that delivered contentment to all, however his matchmaking could possibly result in mischievousness. Venus had not been over utilizing her kid’s electrical power to repay on her opponents, as well as she the moment sketched to possess the wonderful temporal Psyche love a detestable guy. However the program backfired: cupid fell for Psyche, and also she at some point became his never-ceasing other half.

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14th century, in the significance described at feeling 1

First Known Use of cupid

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: the god of affection in historical Roman folklore.
: an image or even sculpture of a nude youngster along with airfoils having a weapon and also signifying passion.
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Statistics for Cupid

Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme along with Cupid

The very first well-known use Cupid was actually.
in the 14th century

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–– Cupid, The House of Hades


Cupid is actually theRoman the lord of wish, love, as well as sensual affection. He is actually the kid of the siren Venus and also her fanatic Mars yet in some resources, he is actually the sibling of Gaea. Cupid is actually likewise recognized in Latin as Amor (” Love”). His Greek version is actually Eros. He is actually the recurring friend of Hymenaios and also Ganymede.


While searching for Ares’ Shield in the Thrill Ride O’ Love, Percy Jackson and also Annabeth Chase come under a catch created through Hephaestus. Inside the trip, there are actually little Cupid sculptures along with pointy arrowheads intended for the duo.

Physical summary

Cupid carries out certainly not create a bodily appeal, however he is actually stated. Frank Zhang as well as Percy Jackson assume that Thanatos is actually Cupid. Thanatos explains that he is actually regularly confused for Cupid. Thanatos states that Death as well as Love possess much more alike than individuals believe.


Cupid possesses Diocletian’s scepter and also rejects to provide Jason Grace and also Nico di Angelo the scepter till Nico accepts one thing aloud. Nico assaults the unseen Cupid along with Skeleton Warriors up until Nico confesses that he left behind Camp Half-Blood for passion as well as his emotions for Percy. After Nico discloses his emotions, Cupid transforms noticeable as well as informs him that the only means to dominate passion is actually to experience it.


In Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Eros is actually called „devilishly beautiful”, along with the capability to modify his appeal, just like his mom, Aphrodite.


In The House of Hades, Cupid is actually called a slim, muscle boy along with wintry white colored airfoils, and also he put on a basic white colored clothing and also pants, along with a head and also quivering slung over his shoulder. He possesses direct dark hair, blood-red eyes that appeared „every valentine’s on earth were actually pressed completely dry, distilled right into one harmful combination”, and also a skin that was actually good-looking however additionally severe – „as tough to check out as a limelight”.
His vocal is actually referred to as abundant and also rich, yet endangering like a shake just before a quake.

The Heroes of Olympus

Cupid most likely has the typical electrical powers of a the lord, however, as a kid of Venus and also Mars, Cupid is actually extremely highly effective.


Cupid’s major and also very most well known qualities are his charming gold weapon, which he can easily make use of to fill up practically anybody along with irrepressible wish as well as passion for an additional (of Cupid’s selection).


As pointed out in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Cupid is actually often alonged with several Erotes- mini swift passion the lords.


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